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Ashlyn McGee
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Reblog if you’re not Tumblr famous, and you post the stuff because you like it, and you follow people because you actually like their blog.

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Even if that reblog did cost me a few followers I’m still gonna post this as it is because I love it.

why dont yo just send him to hell!?

[sighs] thank you spn fandom
This was a confession by someone. This is so true! They actually don’t look that bad together!

When you want to do something but your parents won’t let you



Can Disney just come out and say that all the movies are connected in some way?

idk it’s kind of hard to wash up in fucking africa if you’re on your way from norway to germany i’m just saying

This would mean Anna and Elsa’s mother would have been pregnant BEFORE their trip. I really hate that this theory is going around. It’s FALSE.

She supports actual feminist moments like not sexualizing the female body and the idea that nipples are not obscene but tumblr STILL hates her??
Way to be fucking hypocritical. 


I admit it, I’m bi, and I’ve found some anime girls cute. But, what really confuses me is why guys (well, mostly guys) prefer them over real girls. Real girls are so much cuter, and most importantly, real.
Another thing I don’t get is why they get off to anime girls with ridiculously large, gravity defying boobs. (It was hard to find a vaguely SFW picture involving this, and this isn’t really the best example, sorry.) Like, it’s not hot at all. It just looks weird, like it was drawn by a virgin guy who has never seen actual boobs in his life. Big boobs are nice and all, but it seems like nobody knows how to give anime girls natural, nice looking ones…

I agree with this.